Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Create simple dialog dynamics 365 Operations

Below code can be used as base to create dialog in Dynamics 365 Operations.

To Start with, create new project in either existing model or create new model and add a new Runnable class with name ppPurchDeliveryScheduleCreateDialog.

Copy code below and past into your class code area, this contains all the basic methods, which are required to override while extending RunBase class.

Modify logic of this dialog as per your requirement.

/// <summary>
/// The <c>ppPurchDeliveryScheduleCreate</c> class takes inputs from user and creates delivery schedule lines.
/// </summary>
/// <remarks>
/// Create delivery schedule lines.
/// </remarks>
public class ppPurchDeliveryScheduleCreateDialog extends RunBase
    // User Input fields
    DialogField     fieldNoOfLines;
    // Variables to store user input
    ppNumberOfLines numberOfLines;

    // pack() and unpack() methods are used to load the last value from user
    // for our simple example we are not going to use them.
    public container pack()
        return conNull();

    public boolean unpack(container packedClass)
        return true;

    // Dialog method to capture runtime user inputs for customer details
    public Object dialog()
        Dialog dialog = super();

        // Set a title for dialog
        dialog.caption( 'Enter number of lines:');

        // Add a new field to Dialog
        fieldNoOfLines = dialog.addField(extendedTypeStr(ppNumberOfLines), 'No of lines:');

        return dialog;

    // Retrieve values from Dialog
    public boolean getFromDialog()
        numberOfLines = fieldNoOfLines.value();
        return super();

    //write business logic.
    public void run()
        //TODO: User numberOfLines variable to create delivery schedule.

    public static void main(Args _args)
        ppPurchDeliveryScheduleCreateDialog deliverySchedule = new ppPurchDeliveryScheduleCreateDialog();

        // Prompt the dialog, if user clicks in OK it returns true
        if (deliverySchedule.prompt())


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